• Value of the racehorse in Eden Horse varies based on Families, monthly prize money distribution, winning percentage and aptitude.

    When the racehorse NFT is first born, it will be minted at the same price, but the value will be increased according to the performance, and even be the most prestigious horse. Owners may acquire the right to breed like the 1st Generation Dam. Users can also trade their racehorse NFTs on NFT Marketplace.

    All Eden Horse racehorses (1st Generation Dam, 2nd Generation & 3rd Generation Racehorse) are viewable on NFT Marketplace and Opensea, for buying and selling racehorses.

    Buy on NFT Marketplace


    Buy on OpenSea


    Import NFT in MetaMask
    • Breed 1st Generation Dam and/or 2nd Generation Racehorse in Stud Farm and mint / sell.
    Stud Farm Guideline
    • Go to Eden Horse Website and connect MetaMask.
    • Click Stud Farm.
    • Choose 1st Generation Dam / 2nd Generation Racehorse you want to breed.
    • Choose 1 of the 4 sires foundation owns to breed with.
    • Click 'Breed'. (Breeding Fee: 0.107 ETH/ Gas fee not included)
    • Please wait while the breeding is progressing and do not close the page until breeding is completed.
    • Choose to own (mint) or sell it on marketplace.
    • Click Rebreed (charges 200 ELT) if you wish to breed again.
    Own The Racehorse What is the difference between to own and to sell 2nd & 3rd Generation after breeding?
  • Stable Level
    • A stable is a place where you raise your racehorses. You can customize your own racehorse by selecting and applying assets you own.
    • Player rewards go to those who placed bet on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Anyone who placed bet will earn in-game tier points and items by chance.
    • The player rewards and racehorse prize money go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner. Stable level increases according to the accumulation of tier points for winning. Extra prize money if assets are applied.
    Tier Level Table Game Asset Table Bookin Racing (In-game)



    Horse owners may buy a jockey (avatar) and there are 3 types of jockey. Select the assets and apply on your jockey, additional tier points will be rewarded if assets are applied.

    • Racehorse prize money : 6.5% of the overall structure
    • Racehorse owners can receive up to 7% prize money depending on the game assets applied.
    • Racehorse prize money increases depending on the league, higher league higher prize money. Please refer to the Racehorse Prize Money & License Table.
    • 1st Generation Dam does not race, but receives a license reward of 50% of the prize money of the 2nd Generation Racehorse and 30% of the prize money of the 3rd Generation Racehorse.
    • 2nd Generation Racehorse gets 50% of its winning prize money, and 20% of 3rd Generation Racehorse prize money as a license reward.
    • 3rd Generation Racehorses receive 50% of its winning prize money.
    • You can get extra prize money if game assets are applied.
    • 6.5% of the overall tournament prize money distribution
    Racehorse Winning Prize Money Pool (6.5/100)
    • 1st Place : 70%
    • 2nd Place : 20%
    • 3rd Place : 10%
    • Owns 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation NFTs and join as an owner.
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place racehorses will receive prize money in each league.
    • Winning prize money may be subjected to license or system fees, and are subject to change as the maximum amount of winning prize money shown based on the betting pool.
    1st Generation Dam
    • Owns license to share foal’s prize money from winning tournaments, its foal’s prize money from winning tournaments, breeding fee, and producing foal.
    2nd Generation Racehorse (3rd and so on)
    • Winning prize money from winning tournaments, own license to share foal’s prize money from winning tournaments, its foal’s prize money from winning tournaments, breeding fee, and producing foal.
    Pre-off Pony
    • Prize money from winning tournaments
  • VPN Download & Access
  • Sign Up Eden Horset
  • Buy 1st Generation Dam NFT (Marketplace)
  • Breed 1st Generation Dam / 2nd Generation Racehorse in Stud Farm (Mint / Sell)
  • Book Racing
  • Racehorse Winning Prize Money Structure
  • Racehorse Winning Prize Money Percentage
  • Silver Eden Horse Ticket Request Withdrawal